O’ God The Aftermath

I was able to get this cd early thanks to a friend of mine and I can’t believe how good this cd is. Norma Jean has surprised me big time on this cd. I kept wondering how they were going to sound without Josh on a cd, but NJ has overcome and stepped out of the shadow of “Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child.” They’ve really reinvented themselves. The guitars still have the same kind of style from the last cd but with a little bit of a melodic sound to them through out the cd. The drums still have the same kind of weird beats and rhythm but Dan tends to do a bit more simple rhythm in some of the songs. Jake does an awesome job on the bass and Cory brings a sweet scream to the band that still sets NJ apart from the rest of the hardcore bands out there. Somethings different are how Cory does some raspy singing in some of the songs that makes you second guess if your really listen to NJ, but that’s up to you to judge if thats a good or a bad thing.

Some of my favorite songs are: #3 “Bayonetwork : Vultures in Vivid Color?, I love the way that this song is different from anything they’ve done before with the drums not going into weird beats and the guitars venture into different chord sounds and #7 “Disconnecktie : The Faithful Vampire?, this is a really good long song. I’ll be honest that #5 on “Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child? is not a song I listen to everytime I listen to the cd with it being 15mins long, but this song, #7, is at a resonable time of 10:02 long and Cory starts screaming right off the back instead of a super long intro and then lets the music play awhile.

I can’t really go into detail on the meanings of the songs because I don’t have the lyrics yet, but I bet the messages in the songs are good. If any of you went to the show at the underground that they headlined with Underoath and heard Cory give his testimony know what I?m talking about. I still plan to buy the cd next tuesday and i suggest that all you go out and do the same. If your an NJ fan and are not sure if you’ll like the new NJ cd, give it a chance I?m sure you’ll fall in love with it like I have. So go see them March 25th at the Colonial w/ unearth, and atreyu.

Guest Writer