Now We Are Free

Facedown Records has been mighty quiet lately, but that ends now…. This is where Leaders comes in. They are a hardcore band out of Hollister, CA. On March, 27 they will be releasing their debut album on Facedown Records called Now We Are Free. Before I go any further, I want to explain how Leaders became a band. They formed in 2007 under the name AllorNothing and gained support from the hugely popular Christian organization The Whosoever’s. After releasing an album in 2009, they kind of went quiet. They then reappeared with a new name and record label later in 2011. So now Leaders is ready to unleash their brand of hardcore to the masses. I just hope you’re ready for it.

My immediate reaction to Now We Are Free and Leaders was that they sound like a younger Living Sacrifice or Overcome. They are able to spin together a great mixture of old-school hardcore with just enough “scene-core” to make their own style stand out. The only problem is like most metal bands their songs tend to run together and get a tad tiring. I tried to split this album up into two listen’s to give my ears a break from the full-on metal assault. The music isn’t overall breaking any boundaries. Alfie Tovar’s guitar skills really showed on this album. Lazarus Rios’s vocal performance is passionate and delivers the message they are trying to show; again his vocals bring the music back to old-school hardcore music.

My favorite song off of Now We Are Free is track 8 “Real” for the awesome lyrics about standing your ground in the face of adversity; I also liked all the breakdowns in it. This showed off every band member’s amazing talent for making good hardcore music. All of this makes this song rock!

On Now We Are Free Leaders show that they know how to craft superb hardcore music. Nothing is really groundbreaking on this album though. The vocals sound like the rest of the pack of hardcore bands out there. The production is professional enough that is gives them a small edge on the other bands in this genre. I feel this is a good start to hopefully a long career in the music scene. If they keep improving I can see Leaders making it in the big time.

3 1/2/5 Stars:Until that time comes I’m only going to give this album 7 out of 10 which is a pretty solid score on my scale.

Brian Morrissette