Norah June

“Wow… Okay… Impressive…” That was all I could say after listening to one minute of the first song from Norah June. I was hooked.

This album was created by Indie Pop / Folk duo Davy & Amelia. Their real names are Jacob and Jenna Walker. While some may say they are rip offs of The Lumineers, I believe they bring just enough of their own flare to build upon The Lumineers’ established style.

The first song, “The Summer,” immediately caught my ears with its catchy hooks and up-beat-tempo. The Lumineers’ influence shows heavily on this song. The weakest song on this EP is “1,000 Miles Away.” I felt that the song lacked life, if that makes any sense.  “Mountain Movers” is a nice follow up to the poorest song on this record with its sweet lyrics and melancholy feel. The last song off of this EP is the title track “Norah June,” which feels like Of Monsters & Men meets country. Overall, this EP begins and ends on a very high note with a small dip in between.

By the end of Norah June, I was impressed by this young, up-and-coming act. This album isn’t anything new, but they bring enough influences and ideas to the table to make a great experience. I enjoyed listening to this album. Their bio was right when it said this album will…

“accompany you down memory lane and through a world of adventure.”

I am glad I went down memory lane and discovered this adventure.

Brian Morrissette