Noise Ratchet [EP]

This is one of the top ep albums that have been released this year. Noise Ratchet’s “Noise Ratchet [EP]? has 6 songs (5 are new).1 is an acoustic version of “A Way to the Heart.” I definitely feel that this album is an excellent ep. It is released by The Militia Group (2003). [EP] is an excellent album that has an emo-punk-indie style that flows through each song. The vocals are what make this album so good. The vocals are filled with an almost sullen cry. Pain, dreams, and light reflect the lyrics. There are awesome guitar riffs and acoustics that were recorded with quality.

There is about 22 minutes of music on “Noise Ratchet [EP]? The song that really sticks out is “From Your Lips.” The song has a blend of guitars and different bridges, and a chorus that brings the band together and displays the talent Ratchet possess. Unique and passionate are two words to describe this album.

Guest Writer