New Tomorrow

Sometimes when I turn on the radio and go to a Christian radio station, all that is playing is simple, cookie-cutter praiseand worship music, which gets really boring. So if you’re like me and still like worship music but feel that it needs to be a little bit more original, then we’re in luck because there’s Rockin’ the Nations. They do play simple worship music but with a real heart for Jesus Christ that comes out emotionally and musically better than what’s on the radio. That’s not to say that Christian radio is bad, but it needs to feel less over produced like Rockin’ the Nations’ music does.

Rockin’ the Nations isn’t altogether original, though, when they’re compared to worship bands like The Ember Days, Ascend The Hill, and Great Awakening. They do however manage to keep things fresh. The music is pretty straightforward, mixing old- and new-style gospel with a little arena rock. I do have to say, though, that at some points on this album the music can get a tad irritating. For example,the first song, “No Name Like The Name “sounds like the beginning of some Focus on the Family show which made it at least to me sound weird. The various singers on this album do a good job and on only a couple of songs are there some rough spots. On this album the highlight is “New Tomorrow” with its sweet lead vocals done by Megan Edmund and hot pop guitar licks. The music can be radio friendly but it still doesn’t stop the music from being solid and tight in most areas.

The lyrics are worshipful and not altogether original but that doesn’t make them any less potent. Some of the time the lyrics can get a bit cheesy like on “No Name Like The Name ” where they repeat “No Name Like The Name ” for about 40 seconds and I found myself at first wanting to laugh. I then heard the rest of the tracks and completely changed my mind asking “Are these guys really serious?” The answer is YES! The thing that makes these lyrics great is that when they’re sung they feel God-breathed and that God is using and will continue to use Rockin’ The Nations for a long time to come.

Is Rockin’ The Nations “reinventing the wheel”? No. Should they be bashed for it? No because doing something that God has put on your heart is better than doing what everyone else says is good. After a couple listens-through I knew that God wanted them to be playing this type of music. Instead of having that CCM feel New Tomorrow has this local church gospel music touch and I don’t mean that in a bad way; I mean it in the way that it’s nicely refreshing. This album has songs that you either like or you hate so if you don’t even like CCM or gospel music I would advise you to pass on this one. I think this album would be great on a long car ride with your kids or if you need to hear some spirit-fueled Sunday morning music on any day of the week.

3/5 Stars: The Edmund family should be proud of what they’ve put out as it’s a very nice freshmen release from them.

Brian Morrissette