New Horizons

When last years Black Friday sales went live on AmazonMP3 the week of Thanksgiving, I bought about 5 or 6 albums at dirt cheap prices. One of those albums was Flyleaf’s latest effort New Horizons, which looks to be the last with Lacey Mosley as lead singer. It marks the end of an era in Christian Rock. Lacey’s vocals have graced the Christian and Secular air waves for a good part of a decade. She has paved the way for such acts as The Letter Black and Stars in Stereo. Now the rest of the band have announced that the new lead vocalist of Flyleaf would be Kristen May, formerly of Vedera. Only time will till if this transition can work.

When I first picked up this record I was pretty neutral on it. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but after a few listens I knew this record could rank up there with their self-titled album. Lacey’s vocals are a combination of what made their first and second album so special to fans. New Horizons isn as hard rock as their self-titled project, but it still retains an edge. Call You Out” ranks up as the best Christian Rock song from last year. Sameer Bhattacharya’s guitar is at its finest on this song. While the pop/rock song “Bury Your Heart” is my favorite tune off New Horizons. Lacey’s voice really shows through on “Bury Your Heart”. This record doesn’t blow away their past material but it is a nice farewell from Lacey to the fans.Right now New Horizons $5 on AmazonMP3 which is always the cheapest way to go for digital music. I suggest getting it because good music is hard to come by in the mainstream scene but Flyleaf has always delivered. Their originality will continue to inspire musicians around the world. They have and will always have the rawness of their lyrics that will be able to touch some of the coldest hearts. As a fan I will miss Lacey’s vocals but I am excited to see what Kristen May can deliver. Looking forward to the records to come.

41/2/5 Stars: May be the Christian Rock album of the year.

Brian Morrissette