More Than Conquerors

Least of These is an indie/rock band out of Denton, Texas. They released their first EP, More Than Conquerors ” in the Summer of 2011.

The band members list their influences as Thrice As Cities Burn and So Long Forgotten. You can definitely see some similarities in their sound compared to these other bands. Their sound would be described best as melodic rock with an indie vibe throughout. The album is full of creative riffs and melodies. No song sounds the same and you won’t find yourself getting bored throughout the seven-track EP.

My one complaint is that I felt the vocals get drowned out a bit throughout some of the tracks from the music. The music is great and easy to distinguish the different instruments so I have no problem with how it sounds. But it would have been nice to have the vocals a little louder so that they weren’t getting drowned out. Otherwise for an independent release the production is solid. It isn’t super polished but that works in their favor to have a bit of a dirty sound for an indie rock album.

The lyrics on the album are great. The guys have a Christ-centered message and wear their faith on their sleeves. There are lots of great messages to dig into out of the different songs on this album but one song stands out in particular lyrically. This one track would be the final track “Filthy Man.” I liked how this song points out how when we were at our worst Christ brought us out of the dark yet even when we know he had done this for us we still stuck to our own ways. There is a lot of truth to this and I give props to the guys for pointing it out. I really liked the line “Stubborn man was I who pushed His hands aside/ I don’t need Your grace I can do this on my own.”

The vocals on the album originally were not grabbing my attention. I just thought they sounded rather average to begin with and weren’t standing out among the great musical arrangements. So while at first I wasn’t blown away by them after a few more listens they started to grow on me. There is a lot of passion and emotion coming from every word that is sung and after the vocals had grown on me I found them to be quite strong.

So the only other small complaint about this EP is its length. Out of the seven-track EP we really only get five full tracks and two short little tracks. But the five full tracks are all above four minutes so they are at least good length tracks. I just liked the other tracks enough that I would have liked a few more.

Overall this is a great debut from Least of These. They have crafted some very creative and enjoyable indie rock. These guys have a lot of talent and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. For this being their very first album I am looking forward to what they come up with in the future. Least of These have created a strong debut album that is well worth your time to check out.

Guest Writer