Monster Monster

Now people may have heard of the metalcore band Underoath, but others may not have heard of Underoath’s former drummer Aaron Gillespie’s side (now full time) project The Almost. Monster Monster,which mix’s alt, punk, and southern rock together to create a diverse sound.

The title track gets the album going with a punk sound with drums done by Aaron that keeps things going fast throughout the whole song. Up next is Lonely Wheel ” which has a more southern and alternative feel than “Monster Monster.”This song is the best song on the album with guitars that sing courtesy of Dusty Redmon (aka former guitarist of Beloved and Dead Poetic) and Jay Vilardi. “No I Don’t” has a folk feel to it especially with Aaron playing the acoustic guitar. This song really showcases Aaron’s lead vocals which sound sincere and truthful. One of the most beautiful songs on the album is “Hands ” with cool and relaxed drums and guitars that still manage to make the song move quite fast.

“Young Again” has a sound like the title track but with Dusty’s and Jay’s guitars sounding a bit rougher. It has Aaron screaming for the first time on this album too. All round this song rocks harder than the rest of the album (you can see just a tad bit of Underoath’s influence). The sweet song “Summer Summer” has a sound that is like no other on the album. Itis so smooth and pleasant but does not slow down to an acoustic sound. The next song is “Hand Grenade ” an acoustic-driven country tune with a lot of twang to it.

“Books and Books” has Dusty’s and Jay’s guitars sounding grittier but it still maintains a medium tempo tune. The ninth track is called “Souls On Ten ” which has a sound that will remind you of a nice spring or summer day when you were a kid. It also feels a little like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.”Want To” starts out sounding like a “Monster Monster” remix with a little bit more spit and grit to it but starts feeling like its own song after the intro of heavy guitars and drums banging in your ears.

The most punk-infused song on the album is “Get Through ” with Aaron’s drumming feeling like a hammer to the back of your head. The last and longest song of the album clocking in at 6:19 is “Monster ” the mellowest song on the LP with the acoustic guitar taking front and center. It takes you full circle and ends the album on a high note.

As a whole this album is quite enjoyable with lots of variety to keep any listener entertained for the length of time it plays. There is no really big problems with the album except it just does not have a super big catchy song but Monster Monster is still worth it even if you don’t like all the songs on it.

Brian Morrissette