What started out as a side-project of Francesco Montesanto and Brand New touring guitarist Derrick Sherman Sainthood Reps has turned into a full time gig. Sainthood Reps is not to be confused with the likes of Lecrae or Trip Lee. No, Sainthood Reps is a flashback to the 90s grunge rock era. They are similar to Nirvana, Stavesacre, and O’ Brother. Along with a bunch of other alternative rock bands from the 90s and 00s. Yet Sainthood Reps has something different and addictive. They’re serious, but truthful in a poetic tongue and cheek way.

The album cover, just like the music is awesome and original. Nirvana and other 90s alternative rock bands immediately come to mind when the lead track Monoculture” comes on. That vibe jumps out in other tracks like “No/Survival” and “Hotfoot”. “Telemarketeer” makes good uses of their post-rock past reminding me of Shapes Stars Make and My Epic. The second to the last song “Reactor Reactor Reactor Reactor!” shows a very dark and eery side of Sainthood Reps that isn’t seen on the rest of the album but it still keeps some of that signature sound of theirs. A definite highlight. By far “Holiday Maker” is my favorite track off of Monoculture because it blends post-rock and their grunge rock influences perfectly. Originality abounds in this band and in Monoculture.I’ve never been a huge fan of 90s alternative rock but I am a fan of post-rock and indie rock so those tracks caught my ear. After listening to Sainthood Reps I’ll be looking for more from these guys soon. They created an under-rated and under-appreciated album that should catch indie rock fans attention. Surprisingly it got little attention from people.Now that they are free of Tooth and Nail these guys should shine. I hope that they release another album here soon but if not Monoculture will suffice for now.

4 1/2/ 5 Stars: Great freshman effort from a progressive band.

Brian Morrissette