I’ve followed Relient k since their self-titled” cd and they always seem to step one up on themselves with each cd. They’ve gone through a lot this past year with losing their bass player brian and yet they still put out an awesome cd. Rk keeps there same goofiness on this cd with songs like “The One I’m Waiting For” and “My Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend” to stepping into a different area with songs like “Which to Bury; Us Or The Hatchet” and “Life After Death and Taxes (Failure II)” with guess screaming vocals from The Showdown’s David Bunton. Rk even though on a major label is still not shy to express their love to God through out the cd with the fast and the slow songs. When you buy this cd it’ll be hard for you to take it out of your cd player. So go and get this cd and go see them on Warped Tour 2005.

Guest Writer