Midnight on Earthship

Falling Up was originally from the small town called Albany, OR; it was next to my own hometown. They were one of the reasons I began listening to Christian music. They were also performing at the third concert I ever went to. It was around the Fangs! era.  It was probably one of the last concerts they ever played in Albany before moving up to Portland, OR.

To say I was excited to hear a couple new releases from them last year would be on point.

These two albums would be the audio-book/music release Hours and worship project Midnight on Earthship. The one this review is about is “Midnight on Earthship.” Falling Up always had Christian overtones until there last few releases took on a more sci-fi themed story lines; I have thoroughly enjoyed those releases. Midnight on Earthship is a beautiful reminder of where Falling Up has come from, and where they are going. The soft, gentle flow of the piano mixed with the swaying of the acoustic guitar, and other instruments, is just what the doctor ordered for Falling Up. Jessy Ribordy’s voice really shines through on this project. I think we all knew he could sing, but maybe not this tenderly, lovely. Anthony Green, with a little less whininess, is how I would describe Jessy’s vocals.

The lyrics are amazing and raw. They show passion and honesty.

This is a forgettable album, but that is the best part because when I remember this album I see its true beauty. It is a great reminder of God, love, and grace. It is quite a treat to listen to this album. It is an album I wished I would have remembered for my top ten on last years. Alas I forgot, but never more will I forget this lovely worship collection.

Brian Morrissette