Make a Move

When you think of melodic punk, you think of cheesy lyrics about girls and simple, but energetic instrumentation. At first listen, “Make a Move?, the new EP from Eulogy Recordings artist The Drama Summer is nothing more than another melodic punk/ emo band, but after a few more listens, The Drama Summer seem to be breath of fresh air in the genre. The Drama Summer has that instrumentation down, but with a little more creativity behind it. TDS has more dramatic build-ups and more melody than most. The Drama Summer doesn’t quite fit the cheesy lyrics as most though; they leave the lyrics a little more open than many of the other bands within the genre. The lyrics have a personal feel to them, but are not so personal that the listener feels left out. The listener can very easily relate to the lyrics which seem to have an ambiguous feel to them and can be taken as the vocalist singing about past relationships or his faith in Christ. “Make a Move? should fit well with fans of Hawthorne Heights, Simple Plan, Midtown and other similar bands.

Guest Writer