Love of Life

watashi wa – The new release was really worth the long wait. The boys have signed with Tooth and Nail. One of the best labels around “Love of Life? is their 3rd full length and shows the maturity, confidence, and devotion that it takes to have a great band. watashi wa had a difficult task in front of them: Create an album that could compare to “What’s in the Way? a 10. They succeeded. Although Love of Life is very differently musically from What’s in the Way, ww scores a well deserved “A? The first song on the album “All of Me,” is one of the best songs that has been released this year. The lyrics and melodies are absolutely beautiful. I was able to hear All of Me a few months before the release and I could not stop playing it. “Smoke Signals? has an awesome chord progression and demonstrates ww’s ability to play tight and clean together. Every song on this album is different. It is nice to listen to am album where the chords and beats are not repetitive in each song.

There definitely is less reference to our Lord with the lyrics, but there is definitely a push towards good, life, and love. If there is one album you should pick up this summer?Love of Life s it. I am also excited because Tooth and Nail is signing some really excellent upcoming artists. Have fun! 9.0

Guest Writer