Live at Chain Reaction

This album was recorded at Chain Reaction in Cally in the summer of 2000. Dogwood plays an array of songs from albums that were released before “Building a Better Me? 21 songs in all.

Now to the good stuff. This album features two previously unreleased versions of “Faith? and “We Thee Automatons.” I haven’t heard a better live punk album that compares to “Live at Chain Reaction? The recordings, mixing, and mastering are a 10 all the way through. The lyrics are simply great. Roaring guitars and drums that make Dogwood?Dogwood. The best part of this album is not the songs themselves, but the interaction that goes on between the songs. Dogwood and the crowd really offer a live feeling that you are able to feel when just listening to the album. We are able to hear the crowd shouting out songs they want Dogwood to play. A quick rundown of songs to name a few: Preschool Days, Faith, Out of the Picture, Good Ol? Days, Through Thick and Thin, and Joy Through Movement.

The CD Live is a 10. The problem: this album is so hard to come by these days. It was released in limited edition. Hopefully they will re-release it. If you have the opportunity, please pick it up.

Guest Writer