Listen To The Sound

While I was listening to the new album Listen To The Sound by Building 429, I realized how much music these guys have put out in the last seven years, as well as released albums as three record labels. This is the band’s fifth studio album, released on Essential Records, and it shows that they have developed and honed a formula that works wonders for them. This band has become a staying force in the Christian music world by delivering their strong pop/rock tunes, led by front man Jason Roy’s powerful and unique vocals, which add a distinct quality to Building 429’s music. Along with their combination of thought-provoking and worship-styled lyrics, fused with their enjoyable pop/rock sound, Building 429 indeed has a strong formula that they have built upon album after album.The album bursts off with one great rock anthem in the form of Made For You.” This song is about how we were made solely to do the work of Christ why we were placed on this earth. Between the bridge and the chorus I think it sums up our roles as Christians fairly easily:“You are God there is no other/ I won’t bow before another/ I was made for I was made for you”

“Take me as I am / I’ve got nothing left to lose / I have lifted on empty hands. Cause I was made for You”

“Right Beside You” is just as upbeat and a very encouraging track. This song talks about how when things get tough we aren’t in this alone. It reminds us of the comforting thought that Christ has our backs and will always pick us back up when we fall. Dawn Michelle of Fireflight adds in her stunning vocals which match beautifully with Jason Roy’s. It is definitely a nice treat and a fun surprise to have her featured on this track.

“One Foot” is one of my favorite songs off of the album. This track has some great guitar riffs and just sucks you into its great melody. I found this to be a very encouraging song that I could connect to easily. We all wonder at times in life what to do next. This song encourages you to just continue to press on with life and never give up; God will guide you each step of the way.”Listen To The Sound” is a great song that delivers hope to those who feel overwhelmed and lost. It reminds me that if we just listen to that loving sound of Christ’s voice He will lift us up. We just have to listen to his direction. I think this is a great single for the album and it’s extremely catchy and very memorable due to Roy’s powerful vocals.

“War Zone” in my opinion was not the strongest song on the album. I think the lyrics are a good reminder about how life is a battle but I just didn’t think this song pulled it off musically. It was a rather laidback tune and just wasn’t as memorable as others on the album especially since it is stuck in the between the title-track and “Where I Belong.”

The song “Where I Belong” has a very good message on which to reflect. It talks about where our true home is and not to focus on all of our accomplishments or what we have earned here on this Earth because they will eventually fade away. This song is an anthem to put those things aside and to remember that this is only a temporary home and that we are truly meant to be with our savior.”You Save Me” is another one of my favorite tracks off of this album. The lyrics talk about how we are changed when Christ saves us. It primarily focuses on the huge impact He makes on our lives once He is a part of them and has set us free. The upbeat music goes perfectly with this declaration:

“It’s in my heart It’s in my soul It’s something that I can’t let go/ and I come alive every time I can feel You/ and / All I am and all I’ll be is different since You set me free/ and / I come alive every time/ and#8232;Cause You save me Lord You save me”

I thought “Walls Are Coming Down ” like “War Zone ” was pretty weak musically. It is surrounded by more upbeat songs and just zaps out all the momentum the album has. I just don’t think the more laid back tone to it did too well. I think the message presented in it about taking down our defenses that keep us from fully worshiping God and going all out for Him is a message that needs to be heard though.

“Love Has Been Spoken” is another booming track. I think Jason shows off his great range throughout this track with his vocals. This song tackles the issue of anyone who feels insignificant and doesn’t feel like they are worthwhile. A lot of hope is given to them since this song talks about how Christ loves them very much and that they mean the world to him.”Awaken Us” finishes up this strong album in a satisfying manner. This pop/rock track is basically a prayer for Christ to work within us to wake us up from the state we’ve been in so that we can live our lives to the fullest for Him.

As much as I enjoy this album and the numerous great songs on it there are a few weak points. The “oh’s” through the album I think get overused; they work great in some songs and not so well in others. I don’t overly mind it but when it’s in a fair number of the tracks it loses its appeal. Also some of the songs have a similar sound to one another either on this album or to the band’s past material. I think the songs are great and I’m not trying to say Building 429 can’t write decent songs; that is far from the case. I just feel like Building 429 has become set in this sound that they are comfortable with and that they don’t branch out too far from it. I can’t say I blame them for staying within those bounds though because they know how to make some great pop/rock songs.

As a whole I think Building 429 has a rather successful release with Listen To The Sound. While probably not the best album out of their catalog I don’t think it is the weakest either. Even though this is a familiar sound from Building 429 it’s one they do a great job at and with which they deliver some good material. Even though there are other pop/rock bands that have a similar sound there are a few things that always bring me back to Building 429. For starters they do a good job with their sound and put a lot of energy and passion into what they do. Another draw is that Jason Roy has one of those unique and powerful voices that I could listen to all day. This album shows his voice reaching new heights and filled with a ton of emotion. The band has solid songwriting that is profound encouraging filled with hope and that brings honor to God. Fans of the band won’t be disappointed as the band continues to grow upon their solid foundation. This is a solid album by a wonderful group of guys who consistently show the love of Christ in their music. Listen To The Sound is one album worth picking up.

Guest Writer