Lights And Perfections

When Facedown first announced they were bringing up the little Christian metal band The Burial from Strike First Records, I took no real notice, except to maybe log it away for safe keeping. The same thing happened a few weeks ago when I was sent their new album,Lights and Perfections. My first reaction was they’re coming out with a new album? Well I guess.” This went on until one day I decided to listen to this album even if I didn’t think much of it then BAM! The album started and my mind was officially blown….

The intro of this album reminded me of Becoming The Archetype. That whole flavor is carried throughout the rest of Lights and Perfections. I simultaneously really dug Elisha Mullins’ screams vocals that made me think of a cross between For Today’s Mattie Montgomery and BTA’s Chris McCane. However his vocals can get a little gritty in the bad way. The music is dominated by Todd Hatfield’s screaming guitars amplifying the progressive metal feel. His driving sick guitar solos are one of the main highlights of this record.

There is not much else to say since nobody ever sends me a lyric sheet and because I can’t understand “hardcore” vocals. All I can say about the lyrics is that they are very interesting and thought-provoking and the best I’ve heard from a metal band in a while.

This album is amazing both lyrically and musically. Elisha and gang have put together a great collection of spirit-filled metal songs. The Burial deserves more attention than they have been getting. I think they will be getting the notice deserve. Lights And Perfections really doesn’t have many down points except the vocals can get to a little too husky at certain times. This fact does bring down the album a little but not enough to makeĀ Lights And Perfections bad or anything like that. On the contrary this album is killer.

4 1/2/5 Stars: Huge metal album worth checking out! If I want to listen to metal I will definitely choose this album.

Brian Morrissette