Light Up The World

I have enjoyed Desperation Band as long as I have listened to Christian music, and these guys have made a huge impact in my life. They had been leading worship as I gave my life to Christ, so you could say they have helped in the process of leading me to a close relationship with God. They are one of my favorite worship bands and one that I think still pushes the envelope regarding creativity and musicality.

Now for those of you who have never heard of this band, have you ever heard of I Am Free”? Well chances are you heard the Newsboys’ cover;this band wrote that song and they have numerous other great songs like that. Now this band used to havethree main worship leaders who all sang but since the otherswent off to do their own solo-projects Jon Egan is the one member left heading the band. This is also the first album Desperation has done through a studio recording compared to their pastfour albums that have been recorded live.

Now this album has some amazing songs and some new favorites by the Desperation Band. The album starts off with Desperation’s typical upbeat sound with an instrumental and then jumps into “You Hold It All ” which keeps the excitement and pace up with the upbeat “Be The Change ” which contained a lot of electronic effects giving the song a unique feel. Next is one of my favorites “Solid Rock ” which has some great lyrics and some cool guitar riffs throughout.

The next song leads you into a true state of worship with “God be Praised.” This is a great declaration to our amazing God and just praising him for who he is. This is one you will be singing over and over. Another instrumental follows and with the few on the album this song keeps you in that worship state and leads you right into the next worship song. “Highest Place” is one of the two songs that features female lead vocals (Bekah) which is a nice change instead of having Jon singing the whole album. This is a beautiful song and great worship track as well.

“Great God” and “Joy Will Come” carry on the worshipful mood and are two decent worship songs–not the best on the album but nothing too bad either. “Joy Will Come” features a duet with Bekah and Jon which is pretty cool and then another instrumental follows. I Don’t think this one was pulled off as well as the previous instrumental track; it is a little long and not as intriguing musically.However it leads up to the title track which is in my opinion one great song. This offers some of the best lyrical writing from Jon about how we should be lighting up the world as followers of Christ. It is absolutely amazing and such a passionate song. Jon always writes some powerful title tracks for all the Desperation albums and this song is no exception.

Following this great experience is a cover of “Mercy Is Falling ” except thisversion is revved up in tempo and is a very electric guitar-driven song. Besides a few odd vocal effects this is a very great cover and a great one to rock too. Afterwards is another highlight on the album “Burning Tree.” I love the lyrics and the vocals on this one along with the beautiful musical backdrop. Last is “Angel Song ” which is a decent song but it’s a pretty long album closer and not as strong as the three previous songs making the closing not as strong but it still wraps up a pretty decent album.

Now while this is a great worship album and I really have enjoyed it this is not one of Desperation Band’s better releases. I Don’t know if it is because previous members Glenn and Jared weren’t present on the album to lend their vocal talents as thethree guys usually switched around who led each song. That always kept the albums fresh and gavea good variety which is lacking on this album. Additionally with the album not being recorded live I Don’t feel the energy that usually comes with a Desperation Band album. While I Don’t think the album is boring since it is very worshipful and reflective it just doesn’t seem as energetic and passionate as their past albums. Nonetheless this is still one of the best worship bands around today and they have offered up another solid record. I recommend it if you like passionate vocals great music and a band that leads you to a place of worship with God.

Guest Writer