Light Makes A Way

Remedy Drive is a pop/rock band out of Lincoln, Nebraska. They spent a great deal of time in the indie scene till their 2008 national debut, Daylight Is Coming. Remedy Drive has gone through a lot of changes lately from three of the Zach brothers parting ways with the band, as well as the band leaving Word Records. Lead vocalist/keyboardist David Zach has continued forward, and with the new three members they have released the five-track EP Light Makes A Way independently.

The music from Remedy Drive is a catchy blend of pop/rock and piano-led rock. On this EP the band continues to deliver this great sound that they have been playing for years. Paired with their sound are David Zach’s unique and powerful vocals. There is something I have always liked about David’s vocals: they are pretty raw and filled with a ton of emotion. The guys have found a sound that works well for them, and as a result they keep making some great pop/rock tunes. There is plenty of variety on this EP with not a single one of the tunes sounding alike due to a nice mix of upbeat and laid-back tracks.

I have always admired Remedy Drive’slyrics. A central theme on their previous album is hope (with songs such as Stand Up, Daylight, Hope, and some others), and happens to be the central focus of the lyrics this time around as well. It seems the band hasa knack for communicating this idea because through the songs on this album David Zach communicates that genuine hope. No matter what type of pain or suffering you have gone through in life, these songs show you that there is something worthwhile in life to encourage you to keep going. He shows how Christ is there to be your one hope, and that He will be there to help you carry on. I find this very reassuring and uplifting, especially that it is presented in such an honest way. These songs fuel you on to keep living life, knowing that it will get better because we have someone in whom to place our hope.

The lead-off track, Light Makes A Way ” is one of my favorite songs that Remedy Drive has ever written. It is a pop/rock song that features some nice electric guitar that blends beautifully with the piano. This song also has a very encouraging chorus and talks about something that we should never forget:

“When the darkness falls like rain and you’re are stuck in the fear that you can’t explain/ when you can’t take anymore / light makes a way for you / when your stars get lost in the sky and you can’t find your way and you don’t know why / you’re not sure what you’re looking for / light makes a way for you”

“Hold On” and “Don’t Wait Too Long” carry on the energy from the first track and are both enjoyable listens. “Hold On” clearly identifies Christ as the one thing to grab onto when we don’t have anything else to grab a hold of. “Don’t Wait Too Long” features a nice musical jam towards the end of the track and is a highlight of the song. “Follow Me” slows down to an acoustic track and has a really powerful message. It takes the perspective of a fatherexplaining to his son that he doesn’t have an answer to all of life’s questions. But the chorus powerfully communicates the father’s hope for his son:

” And son I don’t have all the answers / I don’t want to let you down / all I know is that I’m running towards this hope I can’t see and Son I hope you will follow me”

After the track “Light Makes A Way” the final track “Disappear ” is my favorite track off of the album. This song has a great message about how all our fears and pain will disappear once we are with Christ for eternity with a musical backdrop that goes perfectly with the message. That wraps the EP up at just around 18 minutes but the guys give us a very solid offering as they continue to stand out as one of Christian music’s better pop/rock bands.

While it may be a rough change with the new members that is no reason why long-time fans shouldn’t keep up with the band. This EP delivers that sound you know and love from Remedy Drive.Their message is filled with encouragement and a clear display of the band’s faith. This is some of their best songs to date and makes me really excited for a full-length album. I highly recommend fans of the band or even pop/rock fans in general pick up this great EP from Remedy Drive.

The EP is available only from the band at

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