I usually don’t listen to, or for that matter enjoy, pop/rock music very much. It might be because I’m more of an indie and folk rock fan. On those occasions when I do take a listen to pop/rock, I will pick up this record from Careo. I’ll be talking more about why I like them and their album Liars later on in this review. But let’s first get some introduction and background information. Careo is based out of Batavia, NY, and of course plays good pop/rock. They remind me of what would happen if Anberlin and One Republic met and decided to form a super group.

In 2006, Careo released an EP called This Place Needs Something. This EP was a nice start but wasn’t completely all there. So when you fast forward four years later, you’ll find Careo coming back with a concept album entitled Liars. In their first collection of songs there was a lot more focus on hard, driving electric guitars. On Liarsthis has been replaced with a central emphasize on sweet melodies and poppy guitars. Guitarist JohnBeckler’s guitar style harkens back to the glorious yesteryears of the ’90s with his home spun twist of Further Seems Forever and Blenderhead. Careo also utilizes a conglomerate of synths to create an ’80s synth rock atmosphere. This mixture of emo and electric styles shows a wide growth of maturity in their art. JustinReynolds, lead vocalist, reminds me of a mix between Toby Morell (Emery) and Stephen Christian (Anberlin).

The lyrics are really thought provoking and very old styled in there lay out. This just compliments the rest of the retro feeling on the album even more.

When this album was finished, I felt like I had been on a sonic journey of epic proportions. Liars did not leave me hungry, clocking in at over 50 minutes long; it didn’t leave me disappointed either. It just left me satisfied, like after a good book or movie. So why are you still reading this rambling? Go out and take the journey Careo has laid out before you!

4/5 Stars:Good, innovative Alternative rock LP!

Track Listing:

1. The Suspect

2. Bliss

3. Towers

4. This Can’t Leave the Room

5. Years of Denial

6. Dream Over

7. Wide Awake

8. Imagination?

Brian Morrissette