Legend of the Bone Carver

Into prog-metal? What about epic metal? If so, then Pyramaze is for you. Straight from Denmark, Pyramaze brings epic prog-metal to the masses with their sophomore release “Legend of The Bone Carver?. Similar to that of Dragon Force and Blind Guardian, Pyramaze exude talent with songs that are multi faceted, implementing intricate guitar work among classical, but yet whimsical keyboard work. Vocalist Lance King, has the vocal range of classic artists such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. King’s lyrics seem to take you through a journey of magical lands and battles, much like that of the Lord of The Rings trilogy. With the newly resurged prog-metal scene, Pyramaze are definitely in line to go on to bigger and better things. “Legend of The Bone Carver? is definitely a acquired taste, much like the aforementioned bands, but if you are into the kind of heavy metal that will keep you rockin? through numerous tempo and time changes, while bombarding you with high pitched vocals keyboards and guitar solos, then order a copy today from Nightmare Records.

Guest Writer