Lay Waste The Poets

Inked In Blood’s freshman release Awakening Vesuvius made me a big time IIB fan. I enjoyed it a lot, so I was really hyped to hear this album Lay Waste The Poets. Lay Waste The Poets tells a four-stanza story of Conditions, Convictions, Confessions, and Resolve which adds a nice dynamic to the lyrics, going beyond normal “boo-hoo my girlfriend just broke up with me?

IIB have blown away any competition in the Melodic Hardcore genre. The vocals sound like a velociraptor in your face, delivering high, lows and mid range screams. The singing has a compassionate tone to it that might just make you cry. Also the introduction to “Comatose? has slam poetry that is so deep, you will be looking up word definitions in Webster’s.

The guitars keep it brutal while keeping it melodic. The breakdowns are kept away from the end are thrown together in the middle of the songs. This brings the only downfall of LWTP. All of the breakdowns sound very similar. Very little s done to keep them from becoming monotonous except for “Kiss the Lips of Your Betrayer?, which; starts off with a breakdown, that I only know to describe as slow motion.

Something that I would like to point out is the last vocal track “?All that I have?. It contains nothing but gang vocals chanting, “There is nothing more I can give than my heart and soul. There is nothing more I can give than myself in full? These are powerful words that sum up the final idea of the entire album.

Guest Writer