Labor Pains

“Sinai Vessel who?” would had been my answer if you would have asked me five or six months ago about this band. Yeah I had maybe posted something on Christcore’s Facebook page about how they were giving away their music for free and I might have download it myself. That was about all I really knew about them–until Caleb Cordes emailed me and let me know that he wanted to see a review for their new album Labor Pains on Christcore.

So to start off Sinai Vessel is basically an indie rock band that is able to cross over to both sides of the genre. They can be uplifting and can be a little bit of a downer. Sinai Vessel is able to balance both sides of the genre. They have released two EP’s O’ Creator and an acoustic one prior to the release of Labor Pains. Both of the first two pale in comparison to Labor Pains.

It is hard to find or figure out comparisons to a band that is so original. I will try to do my best though to find the best comparisons I can. On Labor Pains Sinai Vessel take on a more folksy turn which was seen on O’ Creator but not to the extent on this album. These songs reminded me of a mix between The Civil Wars and All Sons and Daughters. There are still some songs that retain the indie rock feel. One of these song is by far my favorite track “The Submariner ” in which Caleb and crew take on a sound similar to SONS (Sons of God). Even on this song the sound is mostly acoustic but there is a popping electric guitar all throughout the song. “The Submariner” is also available for free through Christcore’s first compilation. I know; I just had to plug the compilation. The production on this record is good but in some parts it becomes a bit fuzzy. I think this adds a little home-spun feel.

Labor Pains shows that Sinai Vessel deserve to be noticed. While this album isn perfect mainly in regards to the production it is an excellent album from a band that can do even more incredible things. I can see this band making it big on their next couple of albums. They bring something different that the music scene needs and has been calling for for years. I think Sinai Vessel would be a good fit on a record label like ComeandLive! or Slospeak Records.

4/5 Stars: Amazing album from a band that I think can and will do greater things!

Brian Morrissette