Keep Quiet

I can’t even remember when I first heard about a band formerly called Sons of God, but I know it must have been when they released a mind-blowing EP on ComeandLive!. After launching a successful kickstarter, Sons of God went quiet, hardly updating on anything except that they were working on a new album and had a big announcement coming soon. The big piece of news would become that they were changing their name to just SONS and that they had signed a record deal with Slospeak. Another gigantic A-bomb they dropped on their fans is that SONS was going to be releasing their long-awaited album Keep Quiet on February 14.

By now you might be asking, who is SONS? Well they are an indie rock band in the veins of major no-bands’-land. Their sound is unique, so it is going to be hard to compare them to any band that is out there. SONS is a band that people are going to be copying here soon. So you might be thinking that I’m avoiding telling you what they sound like. So here is my description if somebody put a gun to my head and told me I had 30seconds to describe their influences: They are a passionate but thoughtful independent rock band borrowing sounds from Muse Edison Glass and Russian Circles….could you please not shoot me!”

On Keep Quiet SONS retains the rawness seen on their debut EP but they do up the amount of production found in their music. It is nice to see a band balance under- and overproduction. They also take the music a step further by capitalizing on Aaron Newberry’s piano skills. This is shown on the song “Believe In Something.” Aaron’s vocals have become the “old faithful” of my iPod for their steadiness and tone. Aaron is one of my favorite lead singers in Christian music both in SONS and for his new-age folk side project. Both his piano playing and voice contribute to this album’s mind-blowing factor.

Aaron Newberry’s masterful lyricism is shown best in the short and sweet worshipful song “Sea of Glass.” Here is an excerpt: “The accolades of a Savior to a blind generation fix our eyes. Whom do I have in Heaven but you?” Another great song lyrically is track 8 “Under The Sun ” in which Aaron battles many Christian issues.

Like any great album this one feels like a journey through a beautiful landscape. This album achieves a wonderful feeling. Keep Quiet takes you through dastardly valleys and breathtaking summits. This is an amazing album that deserves to be in any music collector’s library. Aaron and company have taken the scene by surprise. I think everybody knew this album was going to be good but not incredible! It was well worth the almost-year wait. I can’t stand it till SONS releases more music!

5/5 Stars: Why should I not give it 5 stars? It is a mind-blowing masterpiece.

Brian Morrissette