Kaitlin’s Song (Coming Home)[Feat. Phao]

Kaitlin Boyd’s story is one of triumph and heartache, but it is a story most of us can learn from if we will take a moment to listen. In 2010 Kaitlin was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Instead of letting this weigh her down, she decided to help out with clean water programs in the third world country of Uganda. Without her and Compassion Canada they would have no access to clean water. Kaitlin even went as far as turning down a trip from Children’s Wish Foundation and again showed selflessness when she insisted that money being directed to building wells in Uganda. Sadly she would only be able to do this work until 2011, when she passed away.

Now her legacy lives on through a foundation started by her loved ones, called Kaitlin’s Legacy, which was created to take on the mission of providing clean water to the world. This whole story led to the creation of Kaitlin’s Song (Coming Home)”; all proceeds from this song’s sales benefit Kaitlin’s Legacy.

Now down to the nitty-gritty of the song itself. The vocals are done by Stephanie Poort of the Canadian band Hello Bella and the music is handled by pop/rock newcomers Phao. Everything is well executed but does not break any grounds. Stephanie’s vocal performance makes the song believable. I really like this song and Don’t want to bash it too hard because of her amazing story. For 99 cents how can you go wrong? This is an amazing story and a good song with an inspiring message.

4/5 Stars: Her story should and will be shared with the world but not for her glory–for the glory of God on high!

Brian Morrissette