John Ball – EP

It is quite weird when an artist puts out an album with a unique title, but with their next release they put out a self-titled effort. Well, here the weirdness is outweighed by the great worship music found on this album. John Ball released a very introspective first release that gave listeners a show at the weak points of Christianity and himself. Now John has comeback with a little more polished and even more worship centered message in his music. His musical style reminds me of Aaron Gillespie with a folksy addition, or maybe Josh Garrels. With highlights like Your Faithfulness” and “On My Own” this album is worth picking up.

John Ball blends a nice version of contemporary worship (Aaron Shust and others) with the popular folk scene of today (The Lumineers Of Monsters and Men and Mumford and Sons). I enjoyed the meshing of genres but for some people that despise one of the above styles of music it might be tough for them to like it. The Josh Garrels element comes into play with songs like “Woe to Me” and “On My Own”. “On My Own” is my favorite song off of this self-titled work. On the other hand “Woe to Me” is not my favorite musically but is one of the best ones lyrically. This album is great for a time of worship. When I listen to it I can picture the beautiful Cascade Mountains or a misty day by a majestic lake.

The title may of thrown me at first but now I get that he is trying to establish a name for himself. I would say like any true artist this album is a progression from his last. I mean that he does out due his last album but doesn’t over shadow it. If I could recommend you listen to one song off of this record it would “On My Own” which is such an amazing a delicate. I would recommend this album to anybody truly wanting to listen to real honest worship folk music. It is a great addition to anybody’s Bible reading time or prayer time.

4/5 Stars: I think this album will be a consistent replay in my music player.

Brian Morrissette