It’s All Crazy! It’s All a Dream! It’s all False! It’s Alright!

Phillie band, MeWithoutYou’s fourth album, It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All a Dream! It’s Alright!” is truly unique. A band with Sufi-Muslim/ Judeo- Christian background you would likely expect some sweet sounding combination between East meets West well you’d be correct. I not only love lead singer’s Aaron Weiss’ spoken word randomness in their first 3 CD’s but his singing voice is equally good. This album definitely has more instrumental pieces than their typical raspy/ grunge sound. You’ll hear more pianos harps and guitar on this CD than any other. You’ll even find them singing lyrics in languages you won’t typically recognize. Although with a producer like Dan Smith who helped produce bands such as The Danielson Family Band and Surfjan Stevens you wouldn’t expect any less.

Along with this CD come lyrics that will make you feel like you’re listening to an audiobook of a collection of children’s stories. The album title comes from Parable 518 of Sufi Sheik Muhaiyaddeen’s “The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh” and many songs are inspired by his stories. You’ll also find lyrics applying stories from the Bible with the idea of “discarding self” and finding God in nature (“Allah Allah Allah”)

Quite honestly this CD took me a couple listens to really like as I was expecting their typical post-hardcore sounds. BUT take my advice put the CD in your stereo (or on your Ipod) and listen to it a few times you’ll learn to love it if you Don’t already. The combo of the music and lyrics will make you smile and make you want to be sitting in a field of flowers.

Guest Writer