It Is Well (Extended Edition)

Kutless’s album It Is Well originally was released in October of 2009, but since they have recently released an extended version, a full year later, I thought it would be fitting to do a review of the extended version.

Even though I wouldn’t consider Kutless as one of the most creative and innovative bands ever, I always seem to enjoy all of their records. I do really admire the group of guys in the band and their heart for ministry. Kutless has always had a mix of standard rock and typical CCM material. While I would say none of their material is groundbreaking, Kutless has thrown in enough of their own flair and have a slew of hit songs to show for it. I have found each of their albums fairly enjoyable and don’t mind popping them in now and again. This is pretty much the same impression I have of the guys’ latest, It Is Well.

It Is Well is the second worship project released by Kutless, following their smash gold-certified 2005 release Strong Tower. That album was made up of ahorde of favorite worship hits and each given a rock edge. It was good for what is was, and if you liked a little more rock in your worship music, it was a satisfactory release. It Is Well kind of goes along the same lines, but the one thing that makes this release stronger than Strong Tower is the balance between covers and original material.

The title track starts the album off nicely with an electronic beat and then jumps into an amped version of the popular hymn. The guys pull off a solid cover of Hungry” and “Redeemer ” livening them up a little with some electric guitar riffs as done on most of the tracks. “God of Wonders” isn’t bad but they only go through the first verse chorus and the bridge leavingthe listener wanting more; it would have been stronger by including the rest of the song. “Give Us Clean Hands” was the strongest cover on the album in my opinion and was done rather nicely.

“Amazed” is a good way to start off the original tracks and has a great chorus that leaves us in wonder of how amazing our God truly is. Other originals “Taken By Love ” “What Faith Can Do ” “Everything I Need ” “You Save Me ” and “I’m Still Yours” do a great job relating some honest passionate worship. There werethree of these originals that particularly stood out to me. If you listen to Christian music at all chances are you have heard the radio hit “What Faith Can Do.” This track explores the power that your faith can have and what God is able to accomplish through you when you place all your trust in Him. “You Save Me” is probably the most rocking track on the album and is a great worship tune to get into. “I’m Still Yours” is simply an outstanding worship track and is one of my favorites off the album.

This wraps up what was included in the original release; the extended edition adds onfive additional tracks. This really is mostly just added fluff that probably only die-hard fans would want or those who haven’t bought the original edition yet. There is only one new studio track three live tracks andone acoustic track. The studio track “Beautiful the Blood” is a cover off of the worship band Fee’s first album We Shine. This was a solid cover and mixes in well with the other covers off the album but the live tracks didn’t really blow me away.Sothe casual listeneris probably better off just purchasing the original version andthen picking upthe new studio track off of iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Overall Kutless releases a pretty enjoyable worship album that is passionate and shows the band worshipping God with all their hearts. Seeing the honesty and passion in the music makes this stand out from themass of other worship projects. Kutless could maybe pull off something pretty sweet adding in more of their heavier rock sound on some of these tracks making the covers more dynamic. But honestly if your looking for a solid worship album the latest from Kutless gets the job done and is worth picking up.

Guest Writer