In the Line of Change

Opposition of One is a Hardcore band from Stuttgart, Germany. They resemble bands as No Innocent Victim, Dodging Bullets and In Due Time. While keeping the CD mostly hardcore there are a few metal influences.

Opposition of One keeps a fast and brutal pace throughout the album. Opposition of One is a four piece set, so there is only on guitarist and that really shows in the musicianship. There isn’t really any awesome guitar moments that really stand out. The guitars are mostly the same every track and it gets repetitive. The vocals are deep and are in English, just in case you were wondering. There are a few Rapcore parts in the album that I though were very spontaneous, and rather cool. The production quality is great, nice clean bass and overall sound. The booklet has all the lyrics and underneath the lyrics are what the meanings of the songs are. I thought that was awesome, because sometimes I have no clue what a bands lyrics are talking about, but these guys tell you. They also have a Dodging Bullets cover of “We will not be stopped?, which is my favorite song on the CD.

If you like Hardcore, buy this album. If you are more of a Metalcore kind of guy, listen to their tracks at and see if you like them.

Guest Writer