In Motion

This cd is really cool. I’ve only started listening to these guys a little while ago. I was really surprised at how good the lead singer can sing. When I listened to Knowing Nothing Stays the Same” I thought that the singer was a girl but on this cd I can actually hear more of a guys voice in most of the songs. The lyrics are really happy and encouraging with lines like “He can make you face all your fears ” which I’ve missed in bands these days with songs of sorrow and pain CL brings in how great and wonderful life can be if you make it that way. The piano is really awesome and how they add in some distortion with the guitars ever once in awhile throughout the cd that gives it a nice touch.

This cd has made me into a Copeland fan. My favorite tracks are #1 “No One Really Wins” this song is just an awesome catchy song and #7 “Love Is A Fast Song” this songs really cool right when it starts off the singer starts singing with such a sweet voice “You Don’t have to be ashamed” and just puts you at peace and with the “wo” part in the song it almost sounds like Jimmy Eat but this cd is really great and speaks with emotion in the heart of passion love happiness and life. this cd will be out March 22nd so go get it and go visit to hear 3 new songs off the album.

Guest Writer