In Memoriam

…. Well, I don’t usually do reviews but for this one I’m going to make an exception. Their new album rocks. Now I know that it was a best of album and most of the songs you have heard before, but it was like I was hearing most of them for the first time, and it’s awesome.

Well first off the CD starts out with Living Sacrifices newest song, (one of 3 new songs made just for the album) which is really truly one of the best. It starts with sonic guitar riffs and slamming in your face double bass which doesn?’t end!! I’ll tell you, Lance can really keep that double bass going for the longest time. But “In Christ? doesn’t end there. They ad one of the best solos I have heard from Living Sacrifice. You can easily tell they are using 2 pedals, but that’s for another day.

The next song The power of God” is also a good one but not really a stand out track. But the 3rd song “Killers? is also one of the best. I will tell you I would have thought this was a Soul Embraced song if I didn’t know I was listening to Living Sacrifice. The first 3 songs were recorded greatly so that all of the instruments get equal sound and are leveled out. The rest of the songs are all songs from Living Sacrifice to Conceived In Fire. But like I said before they sound like new its crazy.

All in all the CD is just amazing and Ihave to honor Living Sacrifice with a 10 out of 10. These guys have truly shown us that they can raise the bar and surpass their own greatness. Their legend will live on forever. And the songs will be in my head for a while hahah.

Guest Writer