This album starts off immediately with drums and guitars that are as technical as a math quiz. Your head will immediately start to bang as well as your body will start to fly into your walls

.The Song: Immune To Emotion” is amazing. It makes me get a rush of energy that makes me thrive for metal and suddenly they respond to my want with this amazing breakdown that is dark yet full of light.

Suddenly I wonder if this album can possibly get any better? The awnser is YES! The Song: “I Bury You” hits. This is no ordinary Soul Embraced song. This one mix’s metal/hardcore/emo/rock into one big track of goodies. By the time this song was over this cd had become one of my favorites!

Singing Vocals that run along the side of riffs that are absolutely amazing. Drums that are totally insane. Bass that is in your face. I Love this album. This is by far Soul Embraced’s Best Release.

Criticism: This album is kinda on the dark/depressing side of emotion.

Guest Writer