Well guys again, I usually never do reviews unless it is a exception. And Sinai Beach is an exception. Guys, just let me start this off by saying this album, (in my opinion) is definitely going to be one of the year’s best. Sinai Beach has really stepped up a notch on their musicianship and so has Courtney in his vocals and lyrics. The C.D. opens up with a sick intro that a lot of bands have been doing, but Sinai Beach’s is way better. lol. After that,a sick scream leads into the blow away track, Obidience Through Descretion. This track is just to show that Sinai Beach isn playing around when they say they have matured in their music.

Now, as most of you have heard, Sinai Beach uses some clean vocals on their new c.d. And I must say that it sounds great. But throughout the album it can get a little repetitive. But that wont stop you from loving this great album. Number four, Necesarry Bloodshed is the best track on the whole C.D. This song is super fast with chugging riffs and some really sick double bass. Some other stand out tracks include, Hell Blaze, The Serpant’s Letter and The Stagnate. There is really no bad tracks on this C.D. at all. All have their own style and unique sound which is awesome. Again this album is definitely going to be one of the years best. And will definitely be in your C.D. player for a while. well,

until next time.

Guest Writer