I’m Alive

Like so many genres the female-fronted rock band side of things is packed full. Currently you have Flyleaf Fireflight and Icon For Hire among many others. The question that was raised in my mind when I took on the task of reviewing this album is whether there is enough room for one more band in this packed genre or is it about to burst. I Don’t think anybody can really tell if a genre bubble is about to pop unless you are some sort of music economist. What I can tell you that it is a pretty stuffed genre.

This brings me into introducing Syndrome of Fire a female-fronted hard rock band with a Gothic metal twist. I’m Alive is a three-song EP and is their first release on Alien Patrol Records. They mash rock hardcore’s Skillet and Disciple with the Gothic attitudes of Evanescence and We Are The Fallen. Not to say they have a sad point of view; the lyrics are actually quite hopeful and uplifting. However the one problem with this EP is that Cassie Goetzke’s vocal performance can get strained and whiny. That seems to be the only major problem except that they sound similar to every other “Christian” rock band out there.

3/5 Stars: I liked this little three-song EP but I wasn’t blown out of the water by it. I think with some time and maturity they can make a great album together. Syndrome of Fire needs to find out where they can and can’t go as a band. Cassie’s vocals didn’t seem to run on all cylinders on this EP. I’m also not convinced there is enough space for a new female-fronted rock band in the Christian music scene. That is why I’m only giving this album three stars.

Brian Morrissette