Skylines released a split-ep with Stars are Falling a little less than year ago. I didn’t really like them too much then, but they have amped up their skillz making Identity one brutal beast.

Skylines really have a sound of their own. The first thing noticeable is the vocal style. Saying they sound like throwing up would make them sound bad, but they aren’t bad; real raspy and throaty. They are easy to understand and Don’t diverse too much through the album. The music pummels through and doesn’t let go til the instrumental track which unfortunately breaks up the pace for the last two songs. The riffs aren’t over repetitive, a standout would be on the track Forgiveness” a very awesome motorcycle heavy riff. Another standout is the non repetive breakdowns they keep them unique and heavy hitting. The songs have structure and often times choruses unlike a lot of other bands in the genre. Identity blows Skylines’ EP out of the water!

The lyrics are definitely faith based and a personal favorite quote from the album is: “Billboards in front of white churches saying love thy neighbor but prepare to hate? The song talks about church hypocrites and such yea its rad.

I have really enjoyed this album It’s uniqueness is a breath of fresh air. Defintely one of Blood and Ink’s best.

Guest Writer