I See you through Glass

…Man…what can I say…words cant describe how awesome this album is. It is not only one of the best albums of the year (in my opinion) but it is also a step up from their demo. One thing thats is really awesome on this album is the lyrics. They are so deep…and just so…cool. The album is just like a praise and worship album, but with an eerie Goth, Indistrial Rock feel to it. And might I add, Jesse Smith can really sing. I mean, I knew he could play drums, but I didnt really now he had such and awesome voice.

The guitars, drums, and bass fit so well together. Let me tell you, the boys in Gods can really make some good music. It all fits so well together. And guys, dont be suprised if you see these guy on a major label in a couple of months. There is no doubt that this album will stir up major attention from some big labels.

The stand out tracks are If The Bet Is Love I Fold” “The Devil’s Tears” “The Reflex” and “5 Easy Steps To Fame And Fortune”. Guys…just WOW!!! Go pick up this album as soon as possible.


When I heard that Jessie Smith was putting out a CD I knew I had to get it. The mastermind behind Zao’s long string of dominant releases Jessie is an icon in the metalcore scene. There’s absolutely no way he could be involved in something anything less than amazing.

Of course that was my opinion before I heard God’s I See You Through Glass. Jessie Smith is an amazing drummer but that’s obviously where the majority of his talent lies. When he screams in this CD I see how cool this project could have been. Unfortunately clean vocals dominate and Jessie Smith is not the kind of guy you want doing clean vocals. He sounds like an even worse version of Trent Reznor.

It hurts me to bash something Jessie Smith has done. He’s an amazing drummer and an excellent lyricist. But I can’t in good conscience recommend this CD to any fan of Jessie’s past work except perhaps as a snapshot of the mighty tripping over their own ego.

Guest Writer