How to Start a Fire

Further Seems Forever’s latest release How to Start a Fire” is one of the best releases this year. FSF’s second release off of Tooth and Nail is amazing. FSF has recently put out a video for the second track “The Sound? FSF has a new lead singer who replaces Chris Carraba a.k.a. Dashboard Confessional. The lyrics and vocals only improve with the change. There is definite maturity from FSF’s first release “Moon is Down.” The album begins with the strike of a match “Let’s set this city ablaze…” That is what FSF does with every song. They set a fire that is unstoppable. These guys use an excellent blend of instruments with their songs Beautiful tracks that have a soft piano touch that slam into ripping guitars and drums that form perfectly. The lyrics are astonishing as well as the vocals which drag out an almost moan. “Insincerity as an Artform” is one of the best songs on the album. The song is filled with piercing vocals and can be played over and over again with never losing its passion. “Were my arms to short to ransom you from broken skin black and blue unstitch your eyes so you can read this forever and ever?? Is a line that burns through your stereo. How to Start a Fire is one of those albums that are a must pick up for Christian pop-punk lovers. You will LOVE this album. “I?m running out of time waits for no one time waits for no one.”

Guest Writer