With or Without

Household, who calls Minneapolis, Minnesota, home, is known for some pretty crazy explosive shows. They are a very unique band in many ways and don’t really fall into any specific genre. Vocally, Joshua Gilbert is not picky about perfecting his screams and yells; he just goes for it. Instrumentally, they do not follow any musical stereotypes; they just play. Household’s music brings a new look on passion and expression as they “bleed” themselves into every note.

This place holds a cross over head have I learned to trust the wood or the man held by it.

Their latest album With or Without has a lot to say.  It is as if the band is having a soul to soul conversion with the listener. The emotion in the notes breathe life into the lungs of every word. Everything from guitar tone, the beat of the drum, to the expression in the vocals show that Household has something to say. From first track to last, this album is filled with heartfelt concern for the listener, you. It cries out to the world, “I’ve been there, I understand.” The song Trials stood out the most to me. It is heartfelt prayer turned into a song that gives me the chills every time I listen to it. It grabs me reaches deep inside and helps me see myself clearer.

Look at each other! Value!

When this came out I was getting sick of the style of music I was listening to. If you have read any of my reviews you know what kind of music I normally listen to. With or Without was a breath of fresh air. Not only musically, but spiritually. Every track from Understanding to Unearned drive the Gospel home on a personal level for all to hear.  This album is hard and heavy with soul and passion backing up each note.  Some of these songs make you want to sit on the floor and praise God for who He is. I would recommend this album to anyone who not only loves hardcore Christian jams, but also anyone who is looking for something different.

Perfect love draw me near. Perfect love cast out fear. Perfect love draw me near. Perfect love cast out fear.

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Phillip Noell
I've been through so much in my life and Christ was the only thing that could save me so for over a year I've poured myself into any door God has opened. My passion is music and Christcore is my heart.