Horseshoes and Handgrenades

I have been a huge fan of Disciple for the past couple years and they are one of my favorite bands by far especially as far as Christian Rock is concerned. This band is not only seriously talented musically but Kevin can write some amazing lyrics showing that these band memberswear their faith on their sleeves. This album exemplifies this and takes the best of the sound that they have been improving on and makes Disciple truly who Disciple is.

The album starts off a little quieter than most Disciple albums with the radio-friendly “Dear X.” This song is amazing; it has some great lyrics dealing with how hate pain and anger no longer own us. It has a catchy chorus andone can’t help but sing along. This is a song in which anyone who has ever dealt with these issues can easily relate; at least for me it is a great song to connect to and shout along with in the chorus: “You Don’t Own Me.” Things pick up instantly with the assault of “Watch It Burn.” With some amazing heavy rock riffs this is a true rocking Disciple track. This is the one song on the album that offers a sweet guitar solo by Disciple’s previous guitar player Brad Noah.

Disciple slows down a bit for the mid-tempo “Invisible ” a good reminder that even when we feel alone and invisible God always sees us.Next up is the “Ballad of St. Augustine.” This is one of the most intricate tracks on the album with some great riffs and awesome drumming a great metal song. Disciple keeps the tempo up with “Shot Heard Round the World ” a great anthem to shout out and rock to.”Collision” is a nice softer rock track and is a very catchy song about colliding with Christ.

If you can’t get enough metal “Battle Lines” screams and roars its way through and will have you pumping your fist. This song offers some intense screams about not giving up against opposition from the enemy. Now “Remedy ” although It’s catchy just doesn’t seem like the best Disciple has to offer.It’s a decent song and a great message but it just doesn’t do it for me musically. It does however have a catchy chorus that is hard not to sing along to.

“Eternity” picks up with some soaring guitars speaking on eternity with Christ with some of my favorite lyrics ever from Disciple.”Revolution:Now” is just another decent track that keeps the energy up but is nothing as great compared to the other gems on the album. The second to last track “Deafening ” is one of my favorite tracks with a strong rock sound andlyrics about how even when we stray away from Christ and hear his voice we can’t fight that love from him and have to run back to him.The album ends with the absolutely beautiful and powerful “Worth the Pain.” This is a great end to an outstanding album and will have you wanting more.

Now I’ve had this album since July with the early pre-order option to get the whole album and I haven’t put this one down since then. Disciple has combined the elements of their last few albums and put together a really solid heavy rock album. This is easily going to be the best rock album of the year and is just one amazing record. If you love rock and want to get close to God this album is definitely worth checking out by one of the most amazing Christian rock bands around. This is the “Shot Heard Round the World.”

Guest Writer