Hope in Anguish

Before we get to the review let me introduce myself. My name is Ernest and I am currently attending Texas AandM University. That’s right you are going to have to start reading what an Aggie thinks of the music we all love!!!!! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am going to start reviewing CDs for ChristCoreMusic.net, and without further ado let me start my career with the review of East West’s “Hope In Anguish.”

During the summer of last year while looking through my local Christian bookstore’s CDs I stumbled across a band that had been creating a lot of buzz. Intrigued by the all the hype this band was gaining I decided to pick up their CD. This band just so happened to win Hard Rock Album of the Year at the annual Dove Awards. Yes, you guessed it I am speaking of East West and their second full length album “The Light in Guinevere’s arden.” This CD rarely if ever left my CD player for months on end. I was shocked at how great and how far East West had come since their debut. This album had every element that a Nu-Metal contender needed. It was stock full of crunching riffs, ripping bass lines, melodic vocals interwoven with vicious growls, but it did not forget to throw in the occasional power ballad.

So you can only imagine the joy I felt when I found out East West would be releasing a new album. I licked my chops dreaming of the opportunity to indulge myself in the Nu-Metal glory that is East West. I scrapped all my cash together and ran to the same Christian bookstore that I visited a year before and scrounged through their CDs till I found their CD, which seemed to beckon me. I purchased the disk and immediately tore through the plastic bindings that encompassed my new treasure. Diving into the car I inserted the disk into the CD player and braced myself for the expected onslaught of musical devastation.

The first track “Vacant? thundered through my sound system with a great guitar riff and pounding drums. My head began to bob, the verse kicked in with a very East West esque bass line, and then Mike’s voice merged into the music. A smile crept across my face as the joy of having another great East West CD in my possession took over.

That is until “Vacant? ended. The next track began, but felt very bland. My interest began to fade but I knew that East West would redeem itself with a heart pounding beat in the next song. Unfortunatly “Drink Me? began to play and I was instantly reminded of track four off of their previous CD. It sounded as if they took that song rewrote the lyrics and slapped it on “Hope In Anguish.” I suddenly found myself a little nervous. After listening to tracks four and five I was n a full sweat. The CD began to sound as if East West went and listened to Staind and Godsmack CDs non stop and decided to copy everything they had already done.

The sweat trickled down my forehead as “Brutally Wrong? began. This song was everything that East West once was. But the song sounded as if it was just an extra track off of “The Light in Guinevere’s Garden.” To my dismay the rest of the CD just sort of went by, with East West unable to regain my interest.

?Hope In Anguish? is everything a band trys to avoid when creating a follow up to a highly successful work. The East West that we once admired for giving us the edge of good hard rock without copying what all the other bands were doing seems to have been lost. Instead, we are left with another Staind or Godsmack.

Guest Writer