Hide Nothing

Further Seems Forever was supposed to have broken up this past spring. Thank God that didn’t happen! Further Seems Forever has released an album that is EASILY in my top five of all time. I am in love with melody and harmony, and this album is bursting at the seams with the good stuff. This release easily surpasses the first two by combining superior vocals with the most talented band in rock and roll right now. Hide Nothing” kicks off with an amazing mid-tempo track called “Light Up Ahead”. Instantly you know you’re listening to a FSF song – very recognizable melodic guitar layering with incredible drum beats. Then the suprise – a new singer! Honestly it took a couple spins but i fell in love! If I had to pick one word to describe them: smooth. if i had two words: smooth and strong. I love the way this band has always been able to grab my attention with their intensity and agression and hold me captivated with the beauty of their slower songs. A perfect balance. Other standout tracks include 1-10 (by the way there are ten songs on the album). FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER = PURE TALENT.


Cory Briscoe After all the line-up changes with FSF you would think they would have abandoned ship. With their new release Hide Nothing there is yet another new singer and he definitely delivers.

I think this CD has the best lyrical content out of any of their other ones. Instead of the emo/trend/girl lyrics FSF have focused more on positive outlook with spiritual references made throughout the songs. The first song talks about there being a light up ahead and it really convicted me because of a few struggles I am going threw right now.

Further Seems Forever hasn’t improved much in their musical abilities. The drums are excellent but the guitars are just bland. The new vocalist has a very distinct voice at first I didn’t know if I liked him or not. After a few songs though it really grows on you and I enjoy it.

Overall the cd is average. It isn uber spectacular but it sure isn horrible. It’s just a good cd.

Guest Writer