Here Lies The Wounded

Stillfire is a hard-rock band out of Salem, OR. They are in the same genre of female-fronted Gothic metal as Evanescence, We Are The Fallen, and Lacuna Coil. They have released one album in 2009 entitled Here Lie The Wounded. I was introduced to these people back in 2010 when I attending a huge music festival in Oregon called Willamette Celebration. They were part of the independent stage at the festival. For being so small, they put on an amazing and passionate show.

As I said above, they take a lot of their cues from Gothic metal, but they also remind me of hard-rock bands like Disciple, The Letter Black, or even Skillet. Yet with all the easy comparisons Stillfire remains to be quite original and refreshing. So much of today’s rock is recycled garbage that all sounds the same–not Stillfire. On Here Lies The Wounded, Micheal Loudenback’s guitars are heavily influenced by hard-rock legends like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, but they still remain modern. Micheal’s guitar work contributes to the overall uniqueness of this album and band.

Ember’s vocals remind me of a cross between the soaring voice of Amy Lee (Evanescence) and the smart pop sensibility of Paramore’s Hayley Williams. There are really no problems that I could find on this album. Ember hits her peaks perfectly and nails the low parts great. This isn coming from somebody who is a vocal coach or pro, though.

The lyrics on Here Lies The Wounded talk about brokenness and who can make the broken whole again: God. This is an excerpt from the awesome song Rain”:

“Sweet rain fall down on me/Now I can finally breathe/Please come and drench me/In an unlikely place/That’s where I find Grace”.

For being a new band their writing ability is very impressive and made this album deep but enjoyable to listen to.

Right now it seems the future of Stillfire is very uncertain but I hope this doesn’t stop people from buying their album Here Lies The Wounded on iTunes. I hope that they will continue to play music again soon. I guess for right now this amazing album will have to do. Ember’s vocals are some of the best I have heard recently from any Christian female rock singer except for maybe Lacey Mosley and Dawn Michele. The music is top-notch as far as rock music goes. So all around this a very solid first release.

4/5 Stars:Good album from an independent band! Hope to hear more from them soon.

Album Length: 45.4 Minutes

Track listing:


2.I’m Yours




6.Further Still




10.The Awakening

11.Here Lies The Wounded

Brian Morrissette