Heal For The Honey

There are so many female pop singers out there that many become overlooked or neglected. One of these artists is singer/songwriter Brooke Waggoner. One of her better albums is Heal for the Honey, which was released by Swoon Moon Music back in 2008. Brooke’s music styling could be described as being a cross between Brooke Fraser and Adele. Sometimes her prosing ventures into the realm of Company of Thieves lead singer Genevieve Schatz, changing the tempo to a powerful upturn.

Some may say that Brooke Waggoner’s music is generic and the same as the rest of the female singers. They would be wrong. Brooke is able to combine post-rock (Deadhorse and Gates) on The Wrong” and folk (Eisley The Vespers and Sandra McCracken) on “Beaut” with the sweet melodies of piano pop music (“Lungs Speed Lungs Sped”). That makes for herself a nice niche. Unlike most female pop singers Brooke doesn’t use many synths to create a mystical atmosphere. She plays up-front beautiful piano-driven pop/rock music.

Heal For The Honey shows off Brooke’s skills as a piano player. No better song shows them off better than the Seabird-esque “Lungs Speed Lungs Sped.” The lyrics are pretty up beat. But I wouldn’t say they are very spiritual.

I think when she wrote most of these songs they weren’t meant to be spiritual; they were meant to be light and bubbly. They do hit on some dark subjects as in the song “Come Love See My Hands ” which tops out at over 12 minutes long.

Uniqueness is something lacking in the music business. Luckily there are songwriters like Brooke Waggoner who don’t settle for uniform music. Though she does sound like Sherrie Bemis of Eisley and many others she is able to retain a good measure of her own style making Heal for the Honey an enjoyable ride. I would recommend this album to everybody and especially to people who are into piano pop like Seabird and Eisley.

4/5 Stars: Great fun enjoyable light piano pop singer-songwriter!

Brian Morrissette