I’ve been a big fan of Sainthood Reps since Tooth & Nail Records released a song snippet for their debut album, Monoculture. Late last year Sainthood Reps followed up their fantastic debut album with a new effort called Headswell. This album continues with more of the awesomeness and talent that was seen on Monoculture.

Headswell doesn’t let fans down.

They still rely greatly on the 90s punk and grunge rock sound, but the post-rock influence that was seen on Monoculture is fleshed out more on this record.  This shows growth while also not completely straying away from their old sound or remaining stagnant. Francesco Montesanto’s lead vocals are in the same vein as Kurt Cobain’s, but in certain songs like “Quitter” they take on a more melodic, post-hardcore sound. Also on songs like “The Last Place I Left You” and “Rapture Addict” there is a definite Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine influence.

On a side note, I’m not sure of the bands beliefs even if they released an album on Tooth & Nail. I will not be discussing this topic except for this reference in the bands lyrics:

“I’ve seen the rapture

Don’t care to be saved

They tried to warn me that

I’ll burn on the ground, but

Heaven’s too lonely, too lonely for me

Count me out”

I guess you decide for yourself whether you want to listen to this band or not, but, as for me, I don’t really care. Good music is good music.

Highlight of the album was, for myself, “Quitter.”

Personally, this was a fantastic album of last year that I never picked up until now. If I could redo my top 10 of last year this would surely land in it. What I like so much about Sainthood Reps is that they are a 90s alternative band without being stuck with that label. They explore new ways of playing grunge and punk music while also mixing it with the old. They have never become a 90s tribute band. This album is one I can keep listening to over and over again. A great listen that vaguely reminds me of a mewithoutyou album.

Brian Morrissette