Great White Whale

Great White Whale is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. It was released by a band called Secret and Whisper back in 2008, ever since I picked it up I can’t put it down. They were a post-hardcore band that was truly revolutionary. The only comparison I can really pin to them is Saosin and maybe Anberlin. Other than those two bands nothing can really compare to what they put out. Secret and Whisper not only pushed the boundaries with their music, but destroyed them, especially within the Christian music scene. They did it to the point that nobody could put them into a box. Great White Whale was put out by Tooth and Nail Records, which at the time was a pretty big deal. Sadly Secret and Whisper would break-up in 2011 after releasing another album called Teenage Fantasy.

Charles Furney’s (now Finn) vocals are soaring and incredible. They remind of Stephen Christian’s (Anberlin) vocal approach yet retain an amazing amount of originality. The music on the other hand doesn’t not match the Anberlin influence. It takes a route similar to Skillet but with more rhythm to it. Jason Ciolli’s lead guitar soars into the galaxies on this album. It almost sounds futuristic. The song that stands out above the rest of the album is the rocker “Spider Besider”. That makes you feel like your flying through space or going to a new exciting place where things aren’t what they seem. The final and title track “Great White Whale” is about a man kidnapping a whale to keep him company and how the whole animal kingdom turns on him. They ultimately want the whale back at any costs…

Now that they have broken up and gone onto different projects (Shreddy Krueger Charles Finn and Faux Fur) I can’t help but wonder what would have happen if they had stayed together for a few more albums. While Teenage Fantasy is a amazing album Great White Whale was there best. For somebody who is looking for great new music to listening to Secret and Whisper is an awesome choice. The way each verse is sung is just beautiful. Every time I hear classic’s like “XOXOXO” and “You Are Familiar” I just smile and listen to the magic.

5/5 Stars: One of the best Christian records of all time. A major classic!

Brian Morrissette