There’s nothing like a good epic battle between good and evil. And there certainly isn’t anything better than a good soundtrack to go with it. Death metal band With Blood Comes Cleansing would definitely fit well on that soundtrack alongside such bands as Living Sacrifice, Becoming the Archetype, The Showdown and Common Yet Forbidden. Golgotha is WBCC’s debut release on Blood and Ink Records and it serves as a real treat for anyone wanting to branch out from the generic chug-chug, breakdown, dance your girl pants off stuff that has been flooding the scene for the past couple of years. Not that that stuff is bad or anything, but it’s refreshing to hear some actual metal for once and these guys bring it hard, fast and occasionally with a breakdown. The lyrics are great with lots of spiritual relevance and imagery. The vocals are very dynamic and range from mid-range to low occasionally throwing in some pig vocals (think Job for a Cowboy or Impending Doom). The instrumentation is extremely tight, with great guitar and bass work, and even better drumming that at times reminds me of Becoming the Archetype, but without the long drawn out parts. Go get Golgotha if you are into music that is heavy. If you are a fan of The Black Dahlia Murder, Suicide Silence, or just metal in general, then you will not be disappointed in With Blood Comes Cleansing.

Guest Writer