Gnashing of Teeth

First off, if you ever get to see these guys live… They are amazing. I got to see them at Michigan Mosh Fest and they blew my mind. Theyre performance was very tight and professional. They had the crowd rockin as soon as they started to play. 2 thumbs up for the live performance. After the show I got to talk to Marc Garman the bass player. He was a very nice man, very respectable. On to the Review:

The Self-Titled” album is a mix of metal nu-metal and hardcore. The quality of the album is very high. Vocals range from regular style rapcore to chaotic screaming. The Bass Riffs are very deep yet have a style along the lines of p.o.d the drums are everything from chaotic double kicks to bass throbbing “bongs”. The guitars keep your neck flinging around the room. This album does not sound like an underground album. It’s level is much higher. These guys sound like the band that would open for living sacrifice sevendust or the deftones. I am looking forward to the next release!

Criticism:In some parts of the album the drums sound kinda weak. I also would have liked more variety from the vocals but I hear that they have found a new vocalist.

Guest Writer