Game Day

Makeshift3 “Game Day? is one of the better albums on the Christian Punk scene. The album was released on an Micah Records, an independent label. I really enjoy this album. It is the sophomore release from a band who is going to explode in popularity in the next few months. They are with New School Records and will release a new album within the next couple of months. Game Day is loaded with inspiring lyrics and a blend of vocals and neat guitar intros. The guys in the band are dedicated to making meaningful Christian punk music. The vocals and lyrics to Game Day are probably what puts the drive in the album. “Nicolatian Mind? stands out:

It’s the Lord you have denied
And now you stand before the Healer
One hurt inside
It seems as though the world has crumbled down
And turned into a tragedy
By a Nicolatian mind”

“Game Day” is available on the Internet for less than 5 bucks. Get it play it and visit their site. The guys in the band are great and we should thank the Lord for giving us a band that is pure.

Guest Writer