Free At Last

SAS is free at last from thier contract with solid state records and have put out thier latest work on WPO records. for those of you who have been with SAS from the beginning I’m sure that most of you will agree that rituals of life” was amazing “a revolution transmission” was great and “engage” was a dissapointment. i personally didn’t think that engage was that bad although it could never compete with the other albums. “free at last” is an album that displays an amazing amount of maturity and well rounded talented song writing. SAS have decided to go all out this time and it definately shows. this new album has the perfect balance of metallic punkrock and will appeal to old fans as well as the new. although my favorite SAS album has always been “rituals of life” this album although different is right up there. this album has a very nice mix of singing and the screaming we have all grown to love.

Stretch Arm Strong is Free At Last.

Most definately one of the best albums i’ve heard so far this year.

Guest Writer