Found Among the Broken

John Ball has been playing bass for The Sleep Design for years, and now he has put out his first album, Found Among The Broken. His music could be described in many ways, but I think the genre it fits best is indie rock/worship. Worship albums are usually unoriginal copy cat music or they are beautifully original; this album is of the latter.

John’s vocals sound like a mixture between Robert Chisholm (Jonezetta) and Micah Boyce (so long forgotten). John’s voice has this distinct passion to itthat makes him feel honest and personable, setting John apart from other big name worship artists. The music in this album varies from The Sleep Design’s signature ringto a less rockin’ As Cities Burn (How I Know” and “Found Among the Broken”). At some odd points in the album the music slows down to an acoustic style (“You Are Mine” and “Who Can Oppose”) that reminds me of Sleeping At Last. The lyrics inside of this album are about praising God (Can You Feel) truly realizing He’s there (How I Know) and taking up the call to love like Jesus loves us (Haiti [Be My Hope]). If I had to pick one song that was my highlight of this album it would have to be “Who Can Oppose” for its relaxing sound and surprisingly calming lyrics about how if God is with you who can oppose you and God.

This little EP took a while to grow on me and for me to realize the originality and beauty of the lyrics. This album is unique in so many ways that I had a hard time pinning anything down to what it sounded like except thatI could feel God’s presence in these beautiful songs. I found this music to be perfect background music while reading the Bible and praying. You can pick this album up for FREE at John Ball’s website:

Rating: 9/10–Found Among The Broken is a wonderful worship album filled with sweet melodies and hooks.

Brian Morrissette