There seems to be a ton of new indie rock bands popping up lately. This can be good or bad. One of these bands is Brave Season who if they hadn’t emailed me I probably never would had heard of. That would have been a shame. The music that they play resembles From Indian Lakes After Edmund and Abandon Kansas. Brave Season’s debut EP Foreigners was produced by Dryw Owens who coincidentally produced From Indian Lakes’ amazing album The Man With Wooden Legs.

Foreigners plays out like most indie rock albums with gang chants and raw guitar licks. Butas I said above they sound like a mixture of more well-known indie rock bands. Though this is not just another indie band they pull from many styles to bring about a unique cohesive sound. The back half of this EP really abandons the similarities I sensed earlier on between Brave Season and other bands. I personally loved the mixture of styles found on Foreigners and feel it is what indie rock should sound like.

My favorite track on this album has to be the epic rock anthem “We Say Who We Are.” This song brings everything together and shows off what Brave Season can do. Elmer Martinez’s vocals stand out at times but sometimes I still feel like I’ve heard them before. Even with this I think Elmer’s voice is able to retain some individuality.

As soon I moved pass the similarity between them and other bands I began to enjoy this record and I started to see the uniqueness inside this record. This is already going to be a early standout of this year when looking back at the end of 2012. I hope Brave Season will continue to grow and craft their own style. You will be hearing more about these guys down the road and I can’t wait.

4/5 Stars: This music reminds me of why I joined to show people good music.

Brian Morrissette